Hlásenia Hlásenie 7874w (Úkaz 7874-2022)

This report has been linked to the following event: Úkaz 7874-2022
MenoZac A
Úroveň skúseností1/5
PoznámkyI searched and searched and search for an entire hour on Google and Firefox and Yahoo and every other search engine I could think of to try and see if anyone else or anything at all for that matter was reported by anybody in St Louis November the 2nd, and I found lots of reportings of other sightings in 2022 but they were all a month or longer prior to the one I just saw on the 2nd of November 2022. So I don't know if anyone else saw it and just didn't report it or I just searched it before it had a chance to be reported about, or maybe my brain just misfired and I saw something that was not there in reality, but I am 32 years, and I am of sound mind and body, and I have never had or ever been diagnosed with any traces shapes or forms of nor do I have any records of any mental disabilities, such as delusions or hallucinations or chizophrenia or anything that has to do with anything of that sort at all period... again I could not find any records of it on the internet, but I know what I saw I saw it and I'll never be able to unseat again I can see it over and over again right now as I'm typing this out it was one of the most amazing things I've ever seen in my entire lifetime and it was literally only two to three seconds long... and I'm just really kind of rather frustrated and upset that the only one there with me at the time was my pitbull Trinity, of which I'm sure she would vouch for me even if she didn't see it but she was off hunting rabbits at the time of my sighting. I just felt it seemed important to state that I could not find any records of it being cited by anyone else last night November 22nd 2022, but I know I saw it
AdresaSt. Louis, MO
Zemepisná šírka38° 36' 1,33'' N (38,6°)
Zemepisná dĺžka 90° 14' 27,27'' W (-90,24°)
Nadmorská výška164,73m
Čas a trvanie
Miestny dátum & čas02.11.2022 21:50 CDT
UT dátum & čas03.11.2022 02:50 UT
Smer pohybuZhora vľavo doprava nadol
Zostupný uhol92°
Azimut natočenia211,8°
Prvý azimut182,66°
Prvá výška17°
Posledný azimut232,96°
Posledná výška15°
Jasnosť a farba
Hviezdna magnitúda-25
FarbaOrange, Yellow, Light Yellow, Red, White
Súbežný zvuk
Oneskorený zvuk
Koncový záblesk
PoznámkyI saw sat on the edge of my fire pit located were I showed in your diagram, and looked up to the north, and I saw a BRITE WHITE FIREBALL that had a tail about 3 inches from its base from my point of view, and it stretched about a foot long agin from my point of view, and RITE about the 7-8th inch into the foot length, it then lite up a VERY DEEP RED, and as it reached the end of the foot length, and went from the deep red to a VERY BRITE WHITE, AND THEN BLUE WITHIN NO LESS THEN 1 SECOND, and no sooner then it went from red to white to blue, it just all I can say to explain it was it went POOF... and as quickly as I saw it, it even disappeared even quicker... The total time I saw it in the sky was literally no longer the 2-3 seconds. And just to be sure it wasn't a firework or something, I literally sat in that very exact spot and smoked 3 cigarettes, 1 cigarette takes me 10 minutes, just to be SURE. BUT it didn't make not even the slightest bit of sound as a firework would have made, it was scarily silent, and nothing happened after the initial sighting during the 30 minutes I sat and watched after it happened.