Hlásenia Hlásenie 6194k (Úkaz 6194-2022)

This report has been linked to the following event: Úkaz 6194-2022
MenoCraig P
Úroveň skúseností2/5
PoznámkyI've seen several falling stars in my life. This was far more dramatic than any falling star I've seen. I'm almost 55 years old and grew up in a rural area and did a fair amount of stargazing as a kid. I've seen satellites move across the sky camping at high altitudes. I was with a friend a few years ago with a telescope and seen some distant meteor showers once which didn't compare at all to this event. Much closer to us and more dramatic. I reported this to KTVI news in St Louis Saturday morning (9/17/22) and at that time they indicated no one else had called in. In the photograph I uploaded I took that standing on the west side of Lawrence looking toward the west. Right after that picture I fumbled to get my camera into video mode and walked backwards across Lawrence to capture the video. I run a solar energy installation company, mechanical engineer by education and was with my wife who's a medical doctor. We both clearly saw this event.
AdresaSt. Louis, MO
Zemepisná šírka38° 37' 9,76'' N (38,62°)
Zemepisná dĺžka 90° 14' 51,09'' W (-90,25°)
Nadmorská výška147,36m
Čas a trvanie
Miestny dátum & čas16.09.2022 21:01 CDT
UT dátum & čas17.09.2022 02:01 UT
Smer pohybuZhora sprava dolu doľava
Zostupný uhol245°
Azimut natočenia330°
Prvý azimut320°
Prvá výška28°
Posledný azimut300°
Posledná výška17°
Jasnosť a farba
Hviezdna magnitúda20-
FarbaLight Yellow
Súbežný zvuk
Oneskorený zvuk
PoznámkyThe object was falling toward earth, large with "sparks" then seemed to move horizontally and disappear / then reappear almost like it was darting through clouds. It was clear cloudless night where we were. The object moved toward the west from our perspective I think we were looking at the rear of the object as it moved away from us. As it was closer to the horizon it blurred and appeared smokey then brighter for a split second then smoky again. In the video which was taken at the end of the event you can still see some sparking before it disappeared into the glow / smoky look. I think we were looking at the rear of the fireball as it moved away from my wife and I.
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