Hlásenia Hlásenie 1802a (Úkaz 1802-2023)

This report has been linked to the following event: Úkaz 1802-2023
MenoPaul C
Úroveň skúseností4/5
PoznámkyThis sounds ridiculous but I thought I saw about 15 to 20 objects swirling around each other moving from south west to south east. They flew just by the almost half moon. It was very difficult to see them with the bright moon shining. At first I thought it was Starlink because I could see two or three very close together. Bat as they got closer I could see more and more of them and they weren’t travelling in a strait line like Starlink satellites do. I put my hand up to block out the moon and could see about 15 or 20 of them. I thought it might be geese flying back but Some of them were swirling around the others like sparrows flying in groups. Geese don’t do that and they don’t fly that fast. I thought maybe my eyes were playing tricks on me so I looked away at a dark part of the sky and could not see anything. I looked back in the direction they were travelling and could still make them out as they faded off into the south east part of the sky. That is when I saw the meteor zip across the sky in the same direction as the faint objects just travelled. I have a feeling my report of these objects might nullify my fireball report but I know what I saw and feel it’s important to acknowledge what I saw. There could be a very logical explanation for the objects I saw ? I’m guessing some kind of birds flying and being illuminated by the bright moon. But I’m not sure what kinds of birds would fly like that , at that time of night and this time of year ?
AdresaWinnipeg, Manitoba (CA)
Zemepisná šírka49° 51' 13,42'' N (49,85°)
Zemepisná dĺžka 97° 18' 48,86'' W (-97,31°)
Nadmorská výška239,47m
Čas a trvanie
Miestny dátum & čas27.03.2023 21:45 CDT
UT dátum & čas28.03.2023 02:45 UT
Smer pohybuZhora sprava dolu doľava
Zostupný uhol267°
Azimut natočenia223,06°
Prvý azimut255,05°
Prvá výška65°
Posledný azimut180,85°
Posledná výška45°
Jasnosť a farba
Hviezdna magnitúda-12
Súbežný zvuk
Oneskorený zvuk
PoznámkyDifficult to describe
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