Hlásenia Hlásenie 154am (Úkaz 154-2023)

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MenoAmy W
Úroveň skúseností1/5
PoznámkyIn January of 2000 (at around 10 pm on Tuesday or Wednesday after January 22nd--I don't know that day exactly), I saw a green comet from my high up apartment window, but it was much further away and the angle made it appear to do a hook motion in the sky. That was why, after determining that there were no fireworks or drones, that this could be a green comet. I have no other experience. I just look up sometimes.
AdresaWrentham, MA
Zemepisná šírka42° 2' 7,05'' N (42,04°)
Zemepisná dĺžka 71° 21' 6,43'' W (-71,35°)
Nadmorská výška88,09m
Čas a trvanie
Miestny dátum & čas09.01.2023 17:25 EST
UT dátum & čas09.01.2023 22:25 UT
Smer pohybuZhora vľavo doprava nadol
Zostupný uhol175°
Azimut natočenia-
Prvý azimut-
Prvá výška25°
Posledný azimut180°
Posledná výška25°
Jasnosť a farba
Hviezdna magnitúda-14
FarbaGreen, I thought it might be a drone, or a green firework, or something very close to me as it was low on the horizon (It was dark with just a spot of last glimmer of light to the west. I was in my car, having just reversed out of a parking space, and I w
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PoznámkyThere were NO sounds associated with this object; however, about 30-40 minutes EARLIER, on the north side of the mall, we heard a big boom that sounded like an old cannon had been fired (no clue what that sound really was. That's another reason I first thought this big green light over us could have been some kind of firework ahead of us. Just below the mall area is scrub brush (that I have never been aware that anyone has ever been in, but it's accessible by all terrain vehicles) and I thought that perhaps a person was setting off a firework in that area. I waited and listened to see more of something like that, but after 10-15 minutes, it was clear there was nothing that followed or preceded the green light visually, and there was No sound associated with it at all.
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