Hlásenia Hlásenie 8515a (Úkaz 8515-2022)

This report has been linked to the following event: Úkaz 8515-2022
MenoTim G
Úroveň skúseností4/5
PoznámkyThis is the second fireball I have observed this week from State Highway 823 in Scioto County, Ohio on my way to work (the other was yesterday). The highway is of a substantially higher elevation than the primary and secondary roads around it. This four-lane road has no houses on it, therefore it is a dark site. And because of its wide open views of the sky, it is easy to observe the stars and meteor phenomena. I am an amateur astronomer with nearly 50 years of observing experience. I include this because I understand you have stated in your reporting of fireballs that these are often once in a lifetime events. However, I feel it is my obligation to report accurately fireball events as I observe them. In my years of observing the skies, I have observed several fireballs. I take note to include accurate (as accurate as I can) information and statistics because I have experience and interest in astronomy. Also, we are in a currently active time for fireballs because of the active meteor shower events present at this time of year (November). The fireball I observed yesterday (November 9, 2022) was approximately straight ahead of me. The one I observed this morning (November 10, 2022) was seen to my left. I feel lucky to have seen this fireball because I would not have observed it had I not been looking to my left (after emerging from an overpass).
Adresa, OH
Zemepisná šírka38° 50' 18'' N (38,84°)
Zemepisná dĺžka 82° 51' 18,68'' W (-82,86°)
Nadmorská výška204,05m
Čas a trvanie
Miestny dátum & čas10.11.2022 05:40 EST
UT dátum & čas10.11.2022 10:40 UT
Smer pohybuZhora vľavo doprava nadol
Zostupný uhol171°
Azimut natočenia98,77°
Prvý azimut99,4°
Prvá výška35°
Posledný azimut104,03°
Posledná výška20°
Jasnosť a farba
Hviezdna magnitúda-4
FarbaLight Blue, Green
Súbežný zvuk
Oneskorený zvuk
PoznámkyAs the fireball descended, I observed glowing fragmentation of the object which displayed a blueish green color. The trail remained visible behind the fireball for a short time. The trail appeared dissected and broken up. As the fireball descended, the trail appeared to remain stationary behind it, creating an approximately 10 degree long tail.
Koncový záblesk
PoznámkyAs described for the "Persistent Train," I observed noticeable fragmentation of a bluish green color in the wake of the descending fireball. This fragmentation covered an approximately 10 degree expanse of sky.